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Kuroii <3's Tokyo + J-Rock too ^^

Kuroii <3's Kyo, To To, Yomi + Miku,

4 February 1992
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こんにちは im chloe but i liked to be called クロイ(Kuroii) ^^ plz
my friends call me DruNKen BunnAH lol
i love meeting new people and making new friends<3
i luff Moosic WAii!! to much the type of music i listen to is :~ J-Rock, Emo, Screamo, Metal, Classic Rock, Punk Rock and Happy Hardcore ^^
I Love J-Rock and WILL live in tokyo one day and play in a J-Rock band o yesh i will <3333
i try to get along with everyone because love and peace is IMPORTANT not hate nor war jeez guys wheres the love?????
but if anyone hurts my friends there will be Hate and war trust... but yea...
RaNdOm FaCtS
I Love Milk + Sushi <3
I Love Guys with long hair
I Love Guys who wear Girly accessories like pink trainers, laces, tops ect
I Love Tokyo <3 tho i've never been
I Laugh to Much
I Love Alcohol so shot me !!
I Love the name Alex for a guy any guy named Alex i love you <3333
I Don't Care what you think
I'm Me, Myself and I
I put others before myself
I want to own greyish blue contact lenses
I Will get a snake bite pircing
That's enough about me now it's your turn....
Peace Out Mother Fuckers <3333
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket *Kyo ish mine tehe but i can share <333*

im giving credit to usa_usa_chan for my layout thanking muchly ^^